Update: Dublin Mini Maker Faire

Welcome to our 2 latest Backers from Brazil & Ireland. Just wanted to let you all know that AnalysIR is featured on the home page of Dublin Mini Maker Faire (http://www.makerfairedublin.com/).

Over the past few days we have focused on improving the serial performance of data coming from the Arduino, which is not normally an issue with IR, except when recording Helicopter RC which can continuously send IR signals. The good news is that this interface is much higher performance now and will be published as part of the project

For the next week we will be focused on putting finishing touches to our 10 IR exhibits for the Dublin Maker Faire, which includes the addition of the Lego Mindstorms tower protocol & we may also get to meet our latest Irish backer.

You can see a list of our IR exhibits on  Dublin Mini Maker Faire