Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

Update: Back in Dublin & new Features

Welcome & a big thanks to our latest backers!  Back in Dublin, at last, after our latest travels and heads down in preparation for the Dublin Mini Maker Faire on July 27th. We hope to present 10 exhibits on the day, a couple of which we believe are firsts with IR on Arduino. (If we have time we will try to do some long range IR with lenses. Will have to figure out focal points & IR LED beam angles)

We have been busy working on adding support for a RC helicopter we recently found in the attic and have added support for it to AnlaysIR today. The model is the ‘old-ish’  SH SWIFT 6020-1  (not the more modern SY107 types) and should allow easy addition of other models later, if there is interest. We will have some fun at the Maker Faire at least.

It’s great having a tool like AnalysIR when decoding new IR protocols!
The good thing about this pending Maker Faire deadline is that we get to add extra features into AnlaysIR. In order to accomodate the Helicopter protocol we had to handle hundreds of IR commands in one sequence, whereas we would have dealt with a handful of signals in a sequence before. We have also added a popup window that shows the parameters of the Helicopter signals as they are processed, including slider bars visualising Throttle & Yaw.

Other features added recently include:
> Popup – showing more detailed breakdown of decoded signals in HEX & Binary
> Menu Option to exclude one or more protocols from the potential decoding attempts. (This helps when decoding intensive protocols like the Helicopter one).
> We have also added a new ‘discrete’ mode for each channel where every individual signal is recorded and displayed on its own. This was really required when receiving 100s of signals in the same sequence.

Our next effort is to decode a pair of Laser Challenge Pro laser tag units for the Maker Faire.

Remember, if you have any specific feature requests or use cases, please share them and do remember to share the link to this project via your social media channels.