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Custom TV remote control using Arcade style console

  Following on from our previous blog post about SKY+ RC6 IR codes, we have now completed the project and are about to ship to its new owner – a friend of ours.

SR1We purchased a Sega megadrive Arcade style games console which was BNIB for €25 ($35) and disabled all of the built-in gaming functionality. We then wired up each of the 12 available switches (Joystick & Arcade style buttons) to the Arduino Nano which was placed onto an Arduino prototyping shield and mounted to the enclosure using ‘lots’ of hot glue. Note some of these consoles come with an additional 2 buttons, which can bring the total to 14. In addition, the joystick has 8 positions in total of which we used only 4 as it would be too difficult for the user to manage all eight. Continue reading Custom TV remote control using Arcade style console

Crowdfunding Campaign Update – 23rd Oct 2013

Hello Backers,

We have been busy over the last few weeks updating AnalysIR, for you. We hope to make the next release at the end of this month around Halloween.

You may not know that Halloween originated in our part of the world, but we promise not to introduce too many scary features this time 🙂 .

Our next release will include a number of Updates & fixes as follows: Continue reading Crowdfunding Campaign Update – 23rd Oct 2013

SKY+ IR remote codes

We are working on a project to create a custom TV remote to control a SKY+ satellite box, for a friend who cannot manage the standard remote control or even the accessibility ones that are available.

SKY+ Remote Control

Continue reading SKY+ IR remote codes