Preview: A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx, a high-end IR Shield

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with IR Blasters

The latest member of our MakeIR series of devices & kits is the A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx. This shield works out of the box with AnalysIR and is essentially plug & play, with additional custom Firmware options. This shield is a ‘sibling’ to our related TRx shield, and features IR multi-send only vs the send & receive of the TRx shield. The shield plugs into a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) with headers or any pin-compatible clone (e.g. ESP32 Mini D1). Although designed specifically for AnalysIR, users can also upload any sketches that run on the ESP for Infrared remote control projects by customising the included firmware. A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx is built with only the highest quality IR components available and boasts dual Infrared emitters with configurable IR Power. The supplied firmware uniquely supports hardware PWM for sending IR signals (on ESP8266).

We have provided a link below to the product data sheet and would welcome feedback on additional, nice to have or missing features, if any. Please read the data sheet for a more detailed description of the A.IR ESP8266 Tx shield. The shield is now available to purchase via our web shop. The shield will be available for purchase from our online webshop in the coming days.

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with modules
A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with both ESP8266 & ESP32 modules

IR blaster 3.5mm Jack

The Tx shield also features a 3.5mm jack for connecting IR blaster cables. This allow users to position the shield/module inside a cabinet and to route the IR blaster cable to external devices such as TVs. Similarly, the device can be located outside a cabinet and the blaster cable can be routed to the inside of the cabinet. Finally, users can enable or disable either or both IR circuits via onboard jumpers. IR power can be selected for the primary dual IR emitter circuit. (x1, x2,x3)

Custom Firmware

Although designed to work with AnalysIR, users can customise the provided firmware to send IR signals via web requests, thus making integration into projects easy. More advanced users can integrate into platforms like Alexa or similar.

Also check out our example for creating your own IR send sketch for a variety of Signals (Air Conditioner, HEX, RAW & protocol based) using this shield with a Wemos D1 Mini or any ESP8266.

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx Datasheet

Click Here for Product Sheet – A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx (PDF)

Users should note that this Tx shield variant is, in part, similar to the TRx shield. The TRx shield also features dual IR receiver/learner, while the Tx shield features only IR send, but with dual send circuits. The first is the same dual IR emitter with programmable IR power and the second is via the 3.5mm Jack for IR blaster cables(not included). Users can enable/disable the 2 send circuits independently. These 2 shields are the premier IR solution for ESP8266/ESP32 available.

Preview: A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx, a high-end Infrared Shield for AnalysIR

Which Shield TRx vs Tx

Use the TRx when you:

  • need to receive signals or measure carrier frequency – with or without AnalysIR
  • Need to decode or reverse engineer signals.
  • Don’t need to use an IR blaster cable

Use the Tx when you:

  • Need to use an IR blaster cable
  • Need to send IR in 2 different positions (inside/outside cabinet)
  • Need to send to multiple devices in different positions
  • Don’t need Rx or decoding capability.

A MakeIR Kit

LearnIR, SendIR, RepeatIR , BeamIR, A.IR Shield Nano, A.IR Shield Photon, A.IR Shield Rx and DetectIR are part of the MakeIR series which comprises a range of innovative infrared remote control kits and devices for makers, hobbyists and professionals.

AnalysIR is an advanced analyser & decoder designed by the team here at AnalysIR which offers tight integration with both LearnIR & all of the A.IR shields for beginners and advanced users alike.

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