KontroLIR – the first Arduino compatible IR remote control

KontrolIR - the first  Arduino compatible IR remote control (Arduino Compatible)

We are excited to announce our newest product KontroLIR – the first Arduino compatible IR remote control. Users can now design their very own Infrared remote to work exactly how they want. The possibilities are unlimited. Customize the fully featured firmware within the Arduino IDE to your own needs or just add your own signals to the pre-configured 5 device/225+ buttons. Sketches are uploaded over Serial USB I/F from the Arduino IDE – just like any other sketch. KontroLIR features an ATmega328PB, a high power emitter, an indicator LED and is powered by 2xAAA alkaline batteries. Low power operation is already implemented with ~1uAmp idle current for long battery life. Available options include IR Receiver, IR Learner, 16 to 256KBytes I2c EEPROM and a serial USB adapter for uploading your sketch from the IDE. KontroLIR supports IRremote, IRLIB and is tightly integrated with our own AnalysIR Application.

Why KontroLIR?

KontrolIR - the first  Arduino compatible IR remote control

We have found it impossible to source a complete IR remote control that is fully customizable in any meaningful way. There are remotes available like universal remotes (URCs) that can be customized using code lists or Learning remotes that you can train. Others have macro capability etc. However, we have never found one that can be easily & fully customized like our newest remote KontroLIR. Of course the first hurdle to overcome is sourcing a professional looking enclosure & silicone keypad along with a custom PCB. Fortunately, we were able to source ‘donor’ remotes in relatively small quantity (compared to typical minimum order quantities of 3K+). So we set about designing and testing a PCB which would replace the existing PCB that came with the original and laid out the 7×7 button matrix to work with the new PCB. We also selected an ATmega328PB as the brain, which is supported within the Arduino IDE. This contrasts with most other remotes that come with dedicated OTP(one-time-programmable) MCUs at greatly reduced cost. As we were discarding the original PCB, we decided to harvest & re-use as many of the donor components as possible – leaving just the PCB & MCU from the original.

KontrolIR RevA block diagram
KontrolIR - the first  Arduino compatible IR remote control
KontroLIR block diagram


KontroLIR will be available shortly in our web-shop and in our Tindie store. We will have a small number available for the first manufacturing run which will be quickly followed up with a larger batch. So don’t delay getting your unique remote.

KontroLIR Overview

KontroLIR is a unique fully featured Infrared remote control with 45/49 buttons, featuring all of the standard functionality and more. Powered by 2 x AAA alkaline batteries, the bundled firmware can be easily customized using the Arduino IDE to design your very own Remote – unlike any other available. With low power operation configured when idle we estimate battery life at >1 year for average usage and >2-3 years for moderate to low usage based on a ~1 uA idle current.

What is KontroLIR?

KontroLIR comes with a fully functional example firmware application based on IRremote with some extensions for storing a large amount of signals in Flash storage. The example features 5 devices including: Philips TV, STB, Samsung TV, MCE remote, and finally a 5th device with a selection of test signals to demonstrate various features.

KontrolIR - the first  Arduino compatible IR remote control PCB
7×7 Matrix

Users are free to add any type of additional features such as: Macros, assign any signal to any button or device; control AC units, Fans, Led Lights or any other IR device; limit access to certain signals or devices by children, seniors, Shops, Schools, Hotels or Guest-houses.

The remote is programmed over serial USB using an optional adapter via the Arduino IDE. The code for LOW power operation is included along with an example demonstrating 5 devices (225+ buttons). Users can easily add more signals by populating pre-defined ‘C’ functions using the example 5 devices. The example application uses only 25% of FLASH and 35% of SRAM – leaving ample resources available for many more devices, features, signals & macros. In addition, we also provide an option to add in external EEPROM with 16KBytes to 256Kbytes of additional storage which essentially represents limitless expansion possibilities.

We have also exposed I2C headers on the PCB along with the ICSP programming port and LED. Potentially there are up to 7 spare GPIO pins available if any of the 2 IR receivers, LED or EEPROM are not configured.

Most customizable IR remote control ever

KontrolIR - the first  Arduino compatible IR remote control

Inspired by AnalysIR, IRremote & IRLIB – KontroLIR is the first remote available that allows users to control every aspect of operation without restriction. The base model has everything needed to implement your own remote using the Arduino IDE & libraries like IRremote & IRLib, the included extensions or your own custom sketches.

Every IR protocol can be sent, including long Air Conditioner signals. You are now free to construct your own remote exactly as you like it. You can also create a custom remote for Seniors, children, Hotels or even customers with only the features they require. Now companies can easily & rapidly prototype and field test new remotes before deciding on production quantities with their overseas manufacturer. KontroLIR is also tightly integrated with our AnalysIR application as a Transmitter & IR source (with receiver option)

” KontroLIR – the first Arduino compatible IR remote control”

Endless possibilities

You can create many interesting projects using KontroLIR simply by extending the supplied firmware. The bundled firmware provides a comprehensive implementation of a 5 device remote control. Users have complete control over which signals or macros to attach to any button or device. Hybrid devices can be implemented in the same way as standard devices. Add support for passwords, AIR Conditioners, Fans, Lighting, access control and toys with simple Arduino code. Restrict access to certain signals or buttons for children or make operation less complex for seniors. Can be used to clone Domestic remotes, Hotel remotes, TV-B-Gone style gadgets or as a platform to offer custom remotes as-a-service to 3rd parties.

Pre-Launch Promotion

OK, so you got this far – cool. Use the contact form above to let us know your interest before launch and we will include one of the upgrade options for free, if you order in the initial batch. (Valid only before KontroLIR appears on our web-shop. We will select the option)

Additional Information

For more details check out the KontroLIR Product Datasheet or contact us directly using the contact link above.

KontroLIR – the first Arduino compatible IR remote control

Trademarks etc


Other than as customers, we do not have any commercial relationship with 3rd party vendors mentioned in this post and any trademarks referenced remain the property of their respective owners. The remote control enclosure shown will have some unrelated branding (not displayed in images) from the original device, which should not be taken as any endorsement or otherwise of KontroLIR.

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