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AnalysIR now decodes 40 Infrared Protocols

We have been updating the AnalysIR documentation for the upcoming 1.0 release and realised that AnalysIR now decodes 40 Infrared protocols. Wow!. Along with the most common TV & media remotes controls there are 15 Air Conditioner protocols included. The full set of protocols is included with the latest ‘dev’ release, which is available to all current & new owners of AnalysIR (less the aforementioned documentation) in advance of the  pending 1.0 release. The 1.0 release will incorporate over 170 new features, updates and fixes compared to the initial release and also supports our new IR Learner which will be launched along with a range of Infrared kits in the coming months.

Over 40 Infrared ProtocRols supported by AnalysIR
Over 40 Infrared Protocols supported by AnalysIR

Here is the latest list of Infrared protocols supported by AnalysIR. Continue reading AnalysIR now decodes 40 Infrared Protocols

Controlling Chigo Air Conditioner via Infrared from smart phone

Anyone who has tried  controlling an Air Conditioner unit using an Arduino, USB IR Toy, RPi or any MCU will know how difficult it can be to record the longer infrared signals they use. Typical TV systems use IR signals circa 32 bits long, while this Chigo AC unit uses a signal with 197 marks & spaces (or 97 data bits). One of our users, Sertunc – from Istanbul in Turkey, reported his success using AnalysIR to easily record the signal timings for his AC unit and sent us the details along with some nice photos. After testing the validity of the recorded signals using an Arduino, he then set about loading the signals onto his Samsung smart phone (models S4, s4 mini, S5 and more supported). This was helped by installing the free ‘Samsung IR – Universal Remote‘ app onto his phone via Google Play.

Samsung IR Remote app Samsung IR Remote app

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Latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR with full support for USB IR Toy and more.

Dublin, Ireland – 31st January 2014. We are happy to announce the latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR to all our backers & supporters. Since the completion of the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo we have added over 125 updates and enhancements to AnalysIR, with more to come.

AnalysIR Screenshot
AnalysIR Screenshot

A major highlight of this release is full AnalysIR support for USB IR Toy from Dangerous Prototypes (V1 & V2 hardware) for decoding and resending IR signals at all common modulation frequencies. In our opinion, AnalysIR is now the premier GUI supporting DP’s IR toy, not to mention the Arduino, RPi, MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad (beta)  and more. A selection of enhancements in this latest release, include: Continue reading Latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR with full support for USB IR Toy and more.

Well another truly amazing day – have now reached 60 backers for AnalysIR.

Today we tested out the new export feature with one of our backers who had lost a remote control for a cool RGB light, but had previously recorded the NEC (extended) codes using IRremote. As a first test of the new export facility, we were able to read the NEC codes into AnalysIR & then export them into Pronto format because our backer had a smart-phone app & IR blaster that only takes Pronto codes as input.rgblamp


Getting the codes into AnalysIR was easy, because we happened to have a similar remote in our collection, which had many of the same codes. Otherwise we would have used an Arduino IR library to generate the IR signal for AnalysIR.

What was really impressive is that this all worked first time. Happy us & happy Backers.

We hope to do similar tests with all the other export formats this week, including Global- Cache commands.

Finally, a big welcome & thanks to all our new backers!

Update: More good news today & another Bonus feature!

More good news today & another Bonus feature!

The news is that today AnalysIR was accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark programme, which will help us out in our development efforts on the MS platform along with lots of other goodies.

The Bonus feature is the addition of support for Importing of Global Caché commands in GC-100, iTach, GC-IRL & GC-IRE formats into AnalysIR. This was suggested by one of our backers & we hope to close the loop by supporting export as well (Time permitting).

An interesting point is that GC sells a learning device (like an RS-232 dongle) for importing IR signals and it costs circa $100 on Amazon. It looks like when we get the export feature working, AnalysIR with an Arduino will be able to a lot lot more than this $100 device.

So the list of formats now supported for import includes:

– IRremote
– IRLib
– Pronto CCF
– Global Caché GC-100
– Global Caché iTach
– Global Caché GC-IRL
– Global Caché GC-IRE

and we may add a couple more in the initial release. We also hope to support export of these protocols from AnalysIR – time permitting. This means that you will have a generic device than can record & decode via the Arduino – plus convert to/from all these formats. Impressive!

Thanks to our backer who has a Global Caché device and is willing to test the AnalysIR export once it is available.