KontroLIR – Arduino compatible IR remote control


KontroLIR – 100% Arduino compatible IR remote Control, with optional extras


LAUNCH PROMOTION: For the initial KontroLIR batch, we are including a 32kByte EEPROM free, while stocks last.  If you order more than 1 unit we will include a free Spudger / opening tool (see photos). Our latest version now includes USB Serial on-board, with a micro USB connector accessible via the battery compartment.

KontroLIR is a 100% Arduino compatible IR remote control. It comes with a fully functional example firmware application based on IRremote with some extensions for storing a large

myRemoteIR_photo_top KontroLIR - Arduino compatible IR remote control

number of Infrared signals in Flash storage. The example features 5 devices including: Philips TV, STB, Samsung TV, MCE remote, and finally a 5th device with a selection of test signals to demonstrate various features. You can easily add your own devices & more.

Users are free to add any type of additional features such as: Macros, assign any signal to any button or device; control AC units, Fans, Led Lights or any other IR device; limit access to certain signals or devices by children, seniors, Shops, Schools, Hotels or Guest-houses.

The remote is programmed over the integrated serial USB  via the Arduino IDE. The code for LOW power operation is included along with an example demonstrating 5 devices (225+ buttons). Users can easily add more signals by populating pre-defined ‘C’ functions using the example 5 devices. The example application uses only 25% of FLASH and 35% of SRAM – leaving ample resources available for many more devices, features, signals & macros. In addition, we also provide an option to add in external EEPROM with 8KBytes to 256Kbytes of additional storage which essentially represents limitless expansion possibilities.

We have also exposed I2C headers on the PCB along with the ICSP programming port and LED. Potentially there are up to 7 spare GPIO pins available if any of the 2 IR receivers, LED or EEPROM are not configured. More details are available via our blog post, wiki or the data sheet link below.

View Product Datasheet (Click here for PDF)
Documentation is available via our WiKi (Click here to visit KontroLIR wiki)

What is KontroLIR ?

Users can now design their very own Infrared remote to work exactly how they want. The possibilities are unlimited. Customize the fully featured firmware within the Arduino IDE to your own needs or just add your own signals to the pre-configured 5 device/225+ buttons. Sketches are uploaded over Serial USB I/F from the Arduino IDE – just like any other sketch. KontroLIR features an ATmega328PB, a high power IR emitter, an indicator LED and is powered by 2xAAA alkaline batteries. Low power operation is already implemented with ~1uAmp idle current for long battery life. Available options include IR Receiver, IR Learner, up to 256KBytes I2c EEPROM. KontroLIR supports IRremote, IRLIB and is tightly integrated with our own AnalysIR Application.

KontrilIR RevA block diagram
KontroLIR block diagram

KontroLIR Options
Select the quantity you require from the drop down or contact us for other bulk orders. Options include the following:

  • Option A – 1 x Complete KontroLIR remote control, without the 2xAAA Batteries
    (Also select Option Z, D or E)
  • Option B – 1 x Complete KontroLIR remote control, includes options A+D+E – fully loaded bundle without the 2xAAA Batteries
    (Also select Option X only)
  • Option CNo longer required. Out latest version has serialUSB integrated and accessed via a micro-USB port in the battery compartment.
  • Option D – 1 x IR Receiver Pair (IR Receiver + IR Learner), pre-installed
    (Select this option, only with Option A)
  • Option E – 1 x External I2C EEPROM 128Kbits(16kBytes), pre-installed
    (Select this option, only with Option A)
  • Option X – Select this option if you have selected Option B (all options)
  • Option Z – Select this option if you have selected Option A (with no options)
  • Option S – Select this option if you want to order an optional Spudger Opening tool. Alternatively, if you order more than one KontroLIR, we will include one for free. (limit of 1 per person & only while stocks last. Photo above)

KontroLIR comes fully assembled with the PCB populated. All new shipments come with SerialUSB integrated and accessible via the battery compartment.  Just insert the 2xAAA alkaline batteries (not included) once configured for your needs via the Arduino IDE. To program KontroLIR you need to connect the Serial USB to your PC.

The base unit is Option A. You can select one or more from B & D. Alternatively, select Option B to get all 3 options at a slightly discounted price.

If you select Option B (all options), DO NOT select D or E. Instead select option X . Similarly, if you Select Option A, then select Option  D, E or Z (not X)

Launch Pre-Order Promotion:  We will include Option E for FREE, during the initial launch period (while stocks last).

If you need higher capacity EEPROM, contact us for pricing on 64->256KBytes.

KontroLIR WiKi
We have also created a Wiki to assist with getting started. (Click Here to visit WiKi)

KontroLIR – Arduino compatible IR remote control

What is (not) Included?

  • 2 x AAA alkaline batteries. Use quality batteries for longer life & better performance.
  • Any option above not ordered.
  • You must provide your own PC and the Arduino IDE to program and upload sketches.
  • You must have a means to record/capture IR signals (unless you ordered Option B or D)
  • Obviously, you must have a device to control via IR.
  • A spudger is not included by default.

See Product Sheet for more details!


  1. Question: I don’t have a PayPal account?
    Answer: You can pay with Credit Card via PayPal without joining or get a friend or family member to make the contribution for you using their PayPal account. KontroLIR is also available for sale on Tindie where there are additional payment options.
  2. Question: What happens after I make my payment?
    Answer: You will receive an email with a copy of instructions for KontroLIR . The order will be shipped out usually within 1-2 working days.
  3. Question: How long does delivery take?
    Answer: Worldwide delivery usually takes from 5-10 working days after shipping, depending on location. Standard post is used which does not include tracking or insurance.
  4. Question: What is included?
    Answer: One KontroLIR or the quantity ordered, plus any options selected.
  5. Question: I have made my payment but I have received no instructions yet?
    Answer: Usually we respond pretty quickly unless we are asleep. So if you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours, just contact us using the ‘contact’ option at the top of this page. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder and whitelist analysir.com.
  6. Question:  What Skills are required?
    Answer: You should be familiar with using Arduinos and the Arduino IDE. The firmware is written in C. This should not be your first Arduino project (unless you are experienced with C). If you don’t have the required skills, start using the IRremote library with a standard Arduino (UNO, Nano etc) and once you have been able to get all of the example sketches provided with IRremote working – you should then be ready to move on to KontroLIR.
  7. Question: I have placed my order. How long before they arrive?
    Answer: We use standard postage, so expect delivery within a 5-10 working day time frame depending on location.
  8. Question: Can I open the enclosure?
    Answer: Ideally not, as damage can occur to the enclosure. However, we have provided an option for an opening tool. Any damage caused by opening is at your own risk.
  9. Question: I am still confused?
    Answer: Not a problem, just send your questions to us using the contact option at the top of this page.


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