Daily Archives: July 5, 2013

20+ IR sensors evaluated & Arduino first for AnalysIR

We got 11 different IR sensors delivered by UPS today for testing & evaluation. So far we have established that the sensors we were already using are probably the best. At this stage we have evaluated over 20 different sensors & will probably leave it atthat for now.

We also managed to measure the modulation frequency and the ‘demodulated’ IR signal simulataneously on an Arduino (Duemilenova). This was achieved with the Arduino plus 2 cheap components (More later). No reason it wont work on other Arduino models running @ 16Mhz

This should allow us to report & record the Decoded IR signal along with its modulation frequency for every signal decoded by AnlaysIR.

We have essentially cracked the Arduino bit, but the Windows GUI will need to be updated (hopefully during the campaign).

From a technical perspective, this may be a first on the Arduino (At least i havent seen it implemented simultaneously before).