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LearnIR Version 2 announced

LearnIR Version 2  - advanced Infrared Learner for remote control
LearnIR Version 2 – advanced Infrared Learner for remote control

We are excited to announce the Availability of LearnIR Version 2. LearnIR is now positioned as the most advanced Infrared learner for remote control available worldwide and comes at a fraction of the price of its closest competitors. It is available for pre-order now and will start shipping before the end of February 2020. LearnIR V2 is a major upgrade to the previous version with greatly improved firmware and an optional enclosure. It comes with the companion LearnIR Windows application which has also seen some improvements over the previous version. Our new and unique FUZZY Clean technology is included for the first time. The clear enclosure is in a compact and portable thumb-drive form factor and can be attached to a key-ring, lanyard or similar. LearnIR Version 2 also feature an improved micro-controller which allows for future updates and upgrades. Check out the Product Datasheet here. Like all of our Modules is also supported by our flagship application AnalysIR.

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Backdoor uPWM Hack on Arduino for Infrared signals using UART

In this blog post we follow up on our recent article about generation of infrared PWM from the Photon’s UART where we suggested that it may be possible to achieve something similar with the Arduino. In our previous attempt the Arduino was only able to generate PWM at 40 kHz and 33 kHz using the same approach. After some investigations we discovered a new approach which provides an even better set of results using the Arduino’s USART. Yes, we were able to generate 30, 33, 36, 38, 40 , 56 and surprisingly the illusive 455 kHz which was not possible on the Photon (using this approach). Read on for the details. Readers should also study our original series of articles on ‘softPWM‘ for a better understanding of the source code which can be downloaded below.

Arduino uPWM Circuit Diagram
Arduino uPWM Circuit Diagram

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LearnIR Video Tutorial GUI Introduction

We have just posted a 25 minute LearnIR video tutorial  introducing the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of LearnIR, which is available via YouTube. The tutorial covers the important features available with LearnIR through the GUI. We cover each of the feature tabs in the Windows application including Learning, Configuration, Utilities, Library, Debug mode and firmware updating.

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AnalysIR supports PSOC 4 from Cypress

AnalysIR now provides support for the PSOC 4 Prototyping kit from Cypress. Effective immediately users of AnalysIR can use the kit to act as an Infrared source for AnalysIR. The PSOC 4 Prototyping kits are available from Cypress and via their global distributors for just US$4 plus shipping. To use the kit with AnalysIR you will also need an IR Receiver and an optional IR Learner, which can also be purchased with AnalysIR. Initially, the PSOC Firmware is available on request and will be included as part of the installation package in a future release.

PSOC4 and AnalysIR
PSOC4 and AnalysIR

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Preview: LearnIR, advanced infrared learner device

The first new member of our MakeIR series of devices & kits will be LearnIR. This infrared learner packs lots of functionality for such a small device, several IR innovations and is built with only the highest quality IR components available.

LearnIR block diagram
LearnIR block diagram

We have provided a link below to the preliminary product data sheet and would welcome feedback on additional, nice to have or missing features, if any. Please read the datasheet for a more detailed description of LearnIR. Continue reading Preview: LearnIR, advanced infrared learner device