Information on the Latest AnalysIR Updates

Below you will find information on the Latest AnalysIR Updates.

The latest official version of AnalysIR is
If you would like to visit the Download page for the latest Official release then click the following link.  Download

Your current version is: UNKNOWN

The latest available  ‘Dev’ update is
If you would like to get a copy of the latest ‘Dev’ release then email us directly or use the contact page above with your request (To avoid delays remember to use the email you registered with). The ‘dev’ release usually contain more protocols, feature and fixes compared to the latest ‘official’ release. However, the documentation is not yet updated to reflect these changes and the overall testing is not as rigorous.

You can enable/disable automatic checks for updates during startup via AnalysIR’s Help Menu.

Latest AnalysIR Updates

Note: We strongly recommend always updating to the latest ‘dev’ version for most users.

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