Testimonials from users of AnalysIR

These Testimonials were provided by some of our users, from all around the globe,  who took time out to email us some kind words about their experience with AnalysIR. An extract from each email is shown together with the type of user and their location.

You can get your own copy of AnalysIR via the this link.

… I’ve got an old toy remote that’s failing and I wanted to capture the codes while it still mostly works. I’m also doing some animatronics for haunted houses and escape rooms and using a number of FurReal Friends toys that have IR controls …

LearnIR User, VA USA

I love AnalysIR and it helped me to solve an issue with a defunct firmware on a home automation controller.

USB IR Toy User, Tx USA

…running smoothly with our Raspberry Pi system. Excellent value for money and great support staff, highly recommended.

Raspberry Pi user, Cyprus

AnalysIR is a great piece of software – very impressive, so well done on developing a very useful tool……..worked first time!

Arduino User, UK

Just to make you aware that everything is working fine.
I’ve been finally able to use my IR Toy!

USB IR Toy user, Italy

Some great feedback, worth reading,  posted here at Josh Assing Consulting

Arduino User, WA USA

Thanks for that! Worked perfectly.
…. a replacement remote was £300!

Arduino User, UK

That is Awesome! Great work with this software. I have and will recommend it to anyone I know that would be interested in IR signals =). Now I am just waiting for my IR KIT so I can continue my quest =)

Raspberry Pi User, Sweden

I compliment you on some outstanding programming technology developments.

Arduino User, Australia

It works. Thank you very much 🙂 It is very great app you made!

Arduino User, Serbia

First of all. Thanks for your amazing support!

Arduino & VirtualBox user, Norway

Just to say that i am very happy with the program. I Can decode a Toshiba aircon and  transmit via arduino.

Arduino User, Denmark

What a fantastic tool. I was able to capture the IR Codes from my Laser Tag Grenade and the software broke the large file up into a much more Arduino file size. I was also able to export the IR Codes to LIR, IRLib and IRemote……

Again, great products. Money this week well spent.

AnalysIR User, MI USA

… extremely happy with my purchase of AnalysIR, have been able to decode and reproduce all remotes I have in my home.

USB IR Toy User, Netherlands

Looking forward to trying out your software, it looks amazing.

AnalysIR User, Australia

I wish I would have had this program when I designed an RC6 remote control years ago.

User, CA USA

Wow. You guys have great customer service! It’s a rare thing these days. Thanks.


Great bit of software BTW – really easy to use.

Spark Core user, UK

Thanks, it is working! With the correct parameters now I can rework the code for my needs. AnalysIR is a great piece of SW and the support by you guys is exceptional!

ESP8266 User, Sweden

Thanks again you guys rock customer service.

AnalysIR User, CT USA

Awesome thanks for the quick reply and great product!!

AnalysIR User, Taiwan

You guys are amazing!!

Thank you!

AnalysIR User, GA USA

I think we can call this weekend a success!!
{for LaserTag decoding}

USB IR Toy user, UK

I think you are the only company in the world that sell equipment like this.

AnalysIR User, Israel

Thanks for very nice sw & hw and your support 🙂

I´m sure this gear will {also} help me in other future projects.

ESP8266 User, Sweden

Excellent support, by the way- very impressed. I hope our customer support is as good!

Tech Company, UK

This is just what I’ve been looking for to help my home automation project. {Air Conditioner reverse engineering}

USB IR Toy User, New Zealand

…everything is working like a charm – loving it !
Again, thanks for your quick help and for making such a helpful piece of kit !

Arduino User, Germany

….and thanks for devoloping this great software!
It is very easy and straight forward to use it !

NodeMCU/WemOS user, Turkey

I received the package with the LearnIR and the single Vishay LED, many thanks for the quick service. Within an hour or so I had the LearnIR working, and controlling my AC unit!

LearnIR User, Australia

I am writing to let you know that I just used AnalysIR to decode one of my Aircon and I was able to get workable on/off codes in just one try (and that too in 5 minutes). AnalysIR is superb and a huge time saver, I wish I had purchased it weeks earlier instead of trying to decode myself. Amazed and delighted by your product.

IoT User, Singapore

I went thru’ your superbly written intro guide and used AnalysIR last night and finally solve my AC IR mystery. Nice piece of SW and well written documentation makes it a pleasure to use.

Thank You.

Arduino User, KL - Malaysia

Thanks to your wonderful products, I should be soon able to drive my ACs from my pi 🙂

By the way , I started to play with AnalysIR and it looks very powerful and promising.

A.IR Shield Nano user, France

I feel your software is a great tool for any IR-based project.

USB IR Toy User, Kenya

Congratulations for your work, specially for the detailed info provided to the users in their first steps. I know AnalysIR from Hackaday. I was looking for a good and not so much difficult way to study IR technology.

Arduino User, Spain

The software it looks fantastic ! ! !


Aduino User, Greece

Up and running! VERY NICE!
THANKS for your prompt attention!

USB IR Toy user, KY USA

Thanks to your outstanding support, I’m already happy with my decision to go with AnalysIR and I haven’t even started the project!  I’m looking forward to receiving the Photon shield in the mail so I can get going.

Particle Photon User, Canada

Thanks for making such awesome tool to decode IR Signals.

RPI/LIRC User, India

Your software is fantastic. I’m trying to control my IR devices over
UDP, and it’s just made my life a hell of a lot easier.
{Running AnalysIR under Vm on OSX}


Great product! The firmware for Arduino worked perfectly the first time and I’ve been able to decode all the equipment of interest. This has been a real timesaver.

Arduino User, NC USA

….. now i can send commands to my air conditioner from Arduino ,  thanks for your support and good software

IRLib User, Israel

I’ve figured out my AC Sanyo RCS-AR1 checksum. …. Once again. Thank you so much for your time and effort to develop {such a} wonderful application.

ESP8266 NodeMCU User, CA USA

…I’m really grateful for your continuous support and your amazing piece of software.

….Again, thanks very much for all your support…it is really appreciated!!!

Arduino User, Malta

BTW I’ve been very impressed with the ‘getting started’ and other informational examples and literature. The flow diagrams especially should win an award.

AnalysIR & SendIR User, CA USA

… the software and hardware from AnalysIR solved my non-standard raw IR code problem quickly and accurately. I should have bought your products right away and saved myself time and effort. I am a happy customer!

A.IR Shield Nano User, WA USA

Adding the networking capability to AnalysIR is great for me.

IR Professional - CO, USA

My main interest in your project was your ability to detect {modulation} frequencies.

Arduino User, IN USA

It worked. Excellent! AnalysIR rocks!

Thanks a lot for your support!!!

Arduino User, Germany

That is an awesome auto-generation tool (took all of the hard work away!)  Got it going now and controlling my heat pump from the house automation system.

Arduino User, UK

AnalysIR has saved me a tremendous amount of time.  {Air Conditioner project}

Arduino User, FL USA

I just wanted to comment that you have the best documentation of any program I have purchased, and I have quite a few of them. They are so detailed.

AnalysIR User, Canada

Truly a wonderful tool! I can’t imagine going back to how I did this before. If only I had this back when I did home automation all the time. Geez what a cluster that was…

Without your excellent tool I couldn’t have done {my AC} project;

Keep up the GREAT work!

later – L.


I just wanted to say what an awesome program and customer service this has been for me. Your program saved me hours of frustration by helping to identify a firmware issue of my control system, as well as adding commands from captured remotes. You guys rock!

USB IR Toy User, Tx USA

I was able to turn off my TV after 1 minute without reading any manual. How crazy is that?

AnalysIR User, Austria

… Its working great!

KontroLIR User, Canada

Wow! Thanks for the lightning fast response. Most impressed!

AnalysIR User, UK

{re: Silver Bullet IR Receiver}
And I must (again) state: The bullet is just a beautiful design. J

Oscilloscope User, WA - USA

Just been looking at my first signal capture – Awesome

LaserTag User, Ireland

I have connected a TSOP1738 to my  Arduino UNO and successfully sampled signals from a Hauppauge remote control…….It works! {Using VirtualBox VM on OSX} ….. Thank you very much for the fast support.

MAC VM User, Germany

….Your tool is great. It is surely worth the money that I paid for. Thanks a lot for the great piece of software. It is working perfectly.

AnalysIR User, India

I am so glad I found AnalysIR…

Arduino Student, Egypt

Thank you very much for providing support for this protocol and for the checksum. I really appreciate it. I’m glad I decided to buy the program.

AnalysIR User, Argentina

Thank you for the personal response.  I love how unique and powerful your software is.


AnalysIR has proved to be extremely valuable,  not least as a learning tool for me.

USB IR Toy user, New Zealand

Thanks, both for the great app. And the update….

AnalysIR User, Denmark

…. a tool that really makes decoding IR signals easy for moderately competent software engineers

A.IR Shield user, Italy

I’m very happy your software works fine and I found the IR protocol of my Optik IPTV remote control, it’s RCMM, this protocol is new for me….
….Thank you very much, AnalysIR will be a good tool for my next small robot project.

USB IR Toy User, QC Canada

Well, I actually managed to sort it out,…Thanks to AnalysIR, I have determined the {Steering wheel} controls send in the Disney{Serial} format, and that the signals get repeated. Before AnalysIR, all I had was basic output from a soundcard oscilloscope…

Arduino User, Australia

I just wanted to say that AnalysIR rules as well as it’s documentation and the Arduino-firmware! A very nice piece of high quality engineering! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Arduino User, Sweden

Thanks. I built one of {DIYIR} kits and it works exactly as advertised.

DIYIR Kit maker, OH USA

What can I say? I’m not a programmer, I’m skilled in hardware, but with AnalysIR software  and 2/3 hours, my Samsung AR9000 series AC system is now controlled by Arduino!!! Also tested NodeMCU to acquire the signal and also in this case all works very well!
…..Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! A fantastic software!

Arduino User, Italy

Got it working. Thanks a lot for your support. Its a great software and my codes were recognised. {Air-Conditioner project}

Arduino User, Uttar Pradesh - India

…Thank you! That’s cool of you, your support for customers is great!

SendIR User, Germany

I have to admit, I’m very impressed with the Hardware/Software and the support!!!
(early adopter  for ’embedded’ LearnIR)

LearnIR User, Toronto Canada

Once again thank you for your wonderful support

Win8 user, Singapore

I have downloaded AnalysIR and used it. There is one word I can say about it – AWESOME!!! It took me 10 minutes to decode required parts of an AC protocol.

I highly recommend it.

Arduino User

Thanks for your World Class – customer support.

Arduino User, Poland

Thank you for quick and super service!

AnalysIR User, Norway

…. I really like this project and your support is really great …

KontroLIR User, Germany

I am using it{AnalysIR} with an IR Toy V2.  Already helped me understand a home theater problem I was having.



In a few minutes I was able to record & replay Hitachi RAF/RAK AC signals…

IR Toy User, France

Once again, thanks for your assistance recently and also for AnalysIR, a really brilliant piece of software that has really helped me with my project{Air Conditioner}. The learner/sensor kit has also helped a great deal.

Arduino User, UK

Hi, I want to thank you now I can record data IR from my sharp Inverter Air conditioner remote….

Arduino User, Indonesia

…the IR is Hitachi184_264_296AC. right out of the box…..What a great piece of software.

ESP8266 User - UK

This thing is AWESOME in every way: Creative, inspiring,simple, elegant….    Really, I mean that — it is really awesome — how you came up with it would have been fun to watch…

Silver Bullet User, USA

Now i can figure out the correct {AC signal} checksum. (SUM, ignore 1 bytes @ end.)
Finally i found it!     Thanks for your great software.

AnalysIR User, Hungary

The link you sent me cured my trouble.
Your instructions were easy to follow.
Thank you again for wonderful support.
All tools are lined up and ready to go.

Arduino User, Spain

Again, thanks a lot for your great support!

LearnIR User, Sweden

I do like the new Batch Export feature. It allowed me to export a bunch of signals from another NEC protocol remote {directly} to an IRremote sketch.

Arduino IRremote User, CT USA

Amazing product!!!
Hooked up my Arduino board to my PC and it worked like a charm!!!
Really a great product…well done!!

Arduino User, Malta

Let me say that when i get this working will be the most useful software that i put my hands on this year. This is a awesome tool. I will send this to my colleagues that work with ….., i am pretty sure that the guys will it love too.

Arduino User, Brazil

Your product help me to solve in 2 hours, years of headache: reverse engineering like a breeze, all functions decoded in almost real-time.

AnalysIR User, France

Thank You …… Your support is awesome!

Arduino User, Slovakia

by the way… I received the “LearnIR v2” last week, a very much better solution than my first hardware ‘USB IRToy‘!

LearnIR v2 User, Germany

Thanks for the fantastic software and I have been using it to check the IR codes.

AnalysIR User, Malaysia

I’ve completed my project and managed to unlock my TiVo and remove the KidZone.Thankyou very much for your software and hardware – it was a great help.

Tivo User, Australia

Hello, your program is simply fantastic !! I lost whole days trying to decode my remote control for my Mitsubishi heat pump. With your program {AnalysIR} without reading various tutorials I have decoded everything in a moment, I have saved in raw LIRC {format}. I tried and everything worked the first time. ….Congratulations again for your work !!

AnalysIR User, Italy

Thanks!! I was able to change the volume of my TV with the photon shield like a champ!
I just ordered some more shields for our project. This is going to be great! I especially love the range of the IR LEDs.

Particle Photon User, SC USA

Thank you for such wonderful software.

Arduino User, Russia

…BTW, I used AnalysIR for the first time a few minutes ago. I figured I’d need an hour or two to get it working, but I had it running in about two minutes!
I simply read the section in the manual about IRToy, set my COM port, and that was it!
Now, I have to learn what it can do. So far, I am impressed, and I think the $15 investment will save me time on my current project and others.

USB IR Toy user, MA USA

Thank-you very much for your speedy reply. The installation … into Windows 7 went very smoothly as did the firmware into an Arduino Uno. VERY nice installation documentation.

First off, let me say WOW. I am most impressed with your product. … AnalysIR is the missing link I was looking for.

Arduino User, Ontario Canada

Your products have been crucial in replicating IR signals of my Hitachi AC remote.
{Hitachi RAD 35 & Hitachi RAR-5E5}

SendIR / RPi User, Italy

I love the A.IR Shield {Nano} form factor.

A.IR Shield Nano User, FL - USA

Just 2 lines to let you know I am now sending IR codes to my AC from JeeNode with IRremote and everything is working fine. IR codes are stored in flash with PROGMEM and copied to a buffer in RAM each time before calling irSend(). Thanks again for your help.

JeeNode User, Italy

You can get your own copy of AnalysIR via the this link.