LearnIR Version 2 back in stock

We are excited to announce the immediate Availability of LearnIR Version 2. LearnIR has been out of stock for many months due to the global chip shortage. We have been able to redo the PCB to take advantage of the TQFP footprint (available at only a small premium) vs the QFN footprint (unavailable or very expensive). LearnIR is now positioned as the most advanced Infrared learner for remote control available worldwide and comes at a fraction of the price of its closest competitors. LearnIR V2 is a major upgrade to the previous version with greatly improved firmware and an optional enclosure. It comes with the companion LearnIR Windows application which has also seen some improvements over the previous version. Our new and unique FUZZY Clean technology is included for the first time. The clear enclosure is in a compact and portable thumb-drive form factor and can be attached to a key-ring, lanyard or similar. LearnIR Version 2 also feature an improved micro-controller which allows for future updates and upgrades. Check out the Product Datasheet here. Like all of our Modules is also supported by our flagship application AnalysIR.

You can order your own LearnIR Version 2 here

LearnIR Version 2  - advanced Infrared Learner for remote control

Advanced IR Learner

LearnIR is an innovative module for learning IR remote control signals. It features several innovations in IR remote control:

  • LearnIR features an unrivaled lossless compression engine and encoding system for IR signals
  • Our new & unique FUZZY Clean technology is included on all LearnIR devices (from V2), delivering unrivaled signal captures every time. FUZZY Clean technology was developed in our own LABs and is unique to LearnIR. (Developed in-house by AnalysIR engineers). Fuzzy clean analyses IR signals in real time and can automatically improve timings to deliver accurate captures within a few uSecs.
  • LearnIR’s application feature for automatic cleaning of noisy signals, resulting in perfectly learned signals.
  • LearnIR can learn even the longest signals found in Air Conditioners and the most difficult signals that fail with other learners.
  • High quality Vishay IR emitter and IR receiver.

LearnIR packs a lot more features which are covered in more details in the data sheet, user guide.

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