Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

Update: Maker Faire unveiling of AnalysIR

Many thanks & welcome to our latest backer today.

We have been busy devising IR related exhibits for our stand at the Dublin Mini Maker Faire in just over 2 weeks. Haven’t been able to test out any of the ideas yet as we are still travelling abroad.

We also just realised that this will be the first public showing of AnalysIR (= butterflies :-). However, we will mainly focus on some Fun, Magic and Educational IR stuff as there will be lots of kids & non-Makers among the thousands expected on July 27th @ TCD, Dublin.

We have an unopened Toy Helicopter controlled by IR so we will have to get that decoded as well. As we go along – we hope to add a description of the demos to our Gallery for the majority of our backers who are not based in Dublin /Ireland.

Remember you can help our Project by sharing a link ( http://igg.me/at/AnalysIR/x/3752156 ) via your social media etc. Apparently you get Kudos with Indiegogo (or IGG) using your own link which is underneath the main video on the project page. The more clicks we get the more IGG promote our project.