Infrared DIY Soldering Kit launched

DIYIR Components
DIYIR Components

Our latest product offering is DIYIR an Infrared DIY Soldering Kit.  DIYIR, is our new soldering kit to create an advanced IR remote control module for use with Arduino, RPi or any other MCU/Microcontroller system (not included). It uses the same advanced components and circuitry as our other MakeIR modules and works directly with IRremote, IRLib and our own AnalysIR or with your own custom firmware or sketches. It is targeted at beginners, soldering courses and experienced users alike. Soldering skills and/or supervision is required to build the kit. More details along with the tools required are covered in the instructional WiKi pages. We want to encourage makers to undertake IR remote control projects and to provide an affordable way to acquire the very best IR technology for your projects or use with AnalysIR. Popular projects include control of TVs, STBs, Air Conditioner units etc.

What is DIYIR ?

DIYIR Wiring Arduino UNO
DIYIR Wiring Arduino UNO

DIYIR is a high end implementation for Infrared remote control, featuring Tx & Rx, dual IR emitters, selectable output power and 5V or 3V3 operation.

We have used only through hole components to simplify soldering. All of the IR components are of the highest quality & performance from Vishay. In addition, users who complete their project can get a FREE copy of our popular A.IR Shield Nano firmware along with the accompanying Python script.(T&Cs apply – see WiKi for details). DIYIR is designed to work with the popular Arduino libraries, IRremote & IRLib along with our own AnalysIR and the numerous examples provided on our blog.

DIYIR works with AnalysIR, IRremote & IRLIB or any of your own IR sketches. We also supply bonus firmware from our A.IR Shield Nano which will work with DIYIR. Check out the product page & WiKi for more details(T&Cs apply)

DIYIR Options
DIYIR Component OrientationDIYIR Component OrientationSelect the quantity you require from the drop down or contact us for other bulk orders. We also have a small quantity of pre-soldered & tested units available from our initial testing. You can purchase your own DIYIR soldering kit in our web store or via Tindie. If you would prefer a completed module then check out our MakeIR range of IR modules in our web store.

We have also created a Wiki to assist with building & testing the kit. Visit the DIYIR Kit WiKi to preview.

DIYIR – Infrared DIY Soldering Kit

Training & Soldering courses
If you are organising training for soldering why not pick up a set of kits for all the trainees. IR is a great topic for beginners as they can easily play with TVs, STB or Air Conditioners at home. If you have special requirements, please contact us directly.

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