A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx, advanced infrared module


Advanced Infrared Tx only Shield for Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266/ESP32. Pick from one of the options below. Supports 3.5mm IR Blaster cables. Works with AnalysIR & your own custom sketches, including IRremote. (Don’t forget to pick up a copy of AnalysIR for a greatly enhanced experience)


A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with optional IR_Blasters

A.IR Shield The A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx (A.IR) is our new high-spec infrared remote control shield which operates seamlessly with AnalysIR and the Wemos D1 Mini or compatible – supporting IR send only (not receive). By default, A.IR is supplied for use with the AnalysIR firmware. Users can also load any custom IR sketch onto A.IR using the standard Arduino IDE or even extend the existing firmware. A.IR allows makers, hobbyists and professionals send a large range of IR signals using quality Vishay IR components and excellent design features. A.IR provides excellent range and signal quality. It can be powered directly from the Wemos D1 Mini, USB ports, or via batteries or stand-alone power supplies connected to the PCB headers. It is powered from 5v and the signalling with Wemos GPIO pins is 3V3. The shield also works seamlessly with the ESP32 Mini D1, which is pin compatible with the Wemos.

View Product Datasheet (Click here for PDF)

What is A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx?
A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx is a high spec IR shield initially designed for use with AnalysIR, with support for custom IR sketches included.

  • Built in a compact Wemos D1 Mini compatible shield format it boasts dual IR LEDs, dual emitter circuits with a 3.5mm jack for IR blasters  (20 – 60kHz Tx plus 455kHz Tx).
  • It is tightly integrated with AnalysIR for both sending  Infrared remote control signals.
  • In addition, it can be used with any custom ESP8266/ESP32 sketch and also works with compatible modules. It is also pin-compatible with the Wemos Mini D1 ESP32 & ESP32 Mini D1.
  • In common with other MakeIR modules, A.IR shield includes a constant current IR driver & selectable IR Power (x1, x2,x3+).  IR Tx is via the D4 pin.
  • Custom IR Tx power levels can be set with the use of an optional TH resistor.
  • The shield can be controlled via the Wemos’s WiFi or serialUSB interfaces.
  • You can of course load your own custom firmware via the Arduino IDE.
  • We also provide the source code for the AnalysIR firmware, in the form of an Arduino sketch which is also compatible with other ESP8266s & ESP32s.
  • The shield accepts web requests to send IR signals  from  AnalysIR also via Web Requests from any other device. Users can make use of these features to easily integrate their own or 3rd party products (e.g. Alexa, smart phones, automation systems or similar). Multiple senders can be active simultaneously, only limited by WiFi infrastructure.

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx, advanced infrared module

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx packs a lot more features which are covered in more details in the data sheet, and getting started guide.

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx is made up the following:

  • The A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx board module / Shield.
  • A Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266/ESP32 or compatible clone. (Not included / optional extra)
  • Documentation & Firmware Source code.
  • 3.5mm IR blaster cable. (Not included / optional extra)
  • The AnalysIR Windows PC application. (Optional purchase)

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx is a plug’n’play companion device for AnalysIR and other 3rd party Infrared solutions, including support for IRremote.

A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with modules
A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx for AnalysIR with modules

What’s Included
A copy of the AnalysIR firmware source is supplied. You need to provide your own Wemos D1 Mini and USB micro cable, which is readily available. There is no need for additional IR  emitters as they are already included on-board. IR blaster cables are not included. As well as tight-integration with AnalysIR, it can also be driven by 3rd party applications and systems. Details of the serial/WiFi web (http POST) messaging interface syntax/protocol are available on request or can be seen from the firmware source. IR Tx range can be increased further using JP1 (x1, x2, x3+) and/or by installing a programming resistor on the PCB. This is a feature of all of our constant current IR emitter designs in the MakeIR series. See Product Sheet for more details!

By Default the shield is provided with Headers pre-soldered, without the Wemos D1 Mini (or ESP32) module. A Wemos D1 Mini (or ESP32) may optionally be purchased, subject to availability) with firmware pre-loaded & all headers pre-soldered. (Note: This is plug & Play with AnalysIR for serialUSB connections only, as you will need to configure your own SSID/password for WiFi and reload the firmware.)

Pay attention to the Headers required. The Shield has Male headers beneath the PCB, which insert into female headers on top of the Wemos PCB. (8 pins @ 0.1″/2.54mm pitch on each side). If you already have headers on your Wemos, then pick up one of the Double shield bases (Option D)

Wemos D1 Mini
Wemos D1 Mini


  • Option A – A.IR Shield ESP8266/ESP32 Tx Shield only for Wemos D1 mini, with headers pre-soldered (Does not include any module or shield or blaster cable)
  • Option B – Option A, plus Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266, with Headers pre-soldered and firmware pre-loaded. (Does not include Options B32, C, C32, D, E1 or E2)
  • Option B32 – Option A, plus ESP32  D1 Mini, with Headers pre-soldered and firmware pre-loaded. (Does not include Options B, C, C32, D, E1 or E2)
  • Option C – Wemos D1 Mini with Headers pre-soldered and firmware pre-loaded. (Does not include Options A, B, B32, C32, D, E1 or E2)
  • Option C32 – ESP32 D1 Mini with Headers pre-soldered and firmware pre-loaded. (Does not include Options A, B, B32, C, D, E1 or E2)
  • Option D – Wemos D1 Mini Double Shield Base – unsoldered (no A.IR Shield or ESP8266/ESP32). You can use this if you already have a Wemos D1 mini or ESP32 D1 mini to connect the A.IR shield. (Does not include Options A, B, B32, C, C32, E1 or E2. Style/colour may vary.)
  • Option E1 – IR blaster cable to plug into the on-board 3.5mm jack . One emitter only on the cable. (Cable only. Does not include any module or shield or option E2. Style may vary)
  • Option E2 – IR blaster cable to plug into the on-board 3.5mm jack . Dual emitter only on the cable. (Cable only. Does not include any module or shield or Option E1. Style may vary)

    ESP32 D1 Mini
    ESP32 D1 Mini

Develop your own Custom Applications
Although the shield was designed for use with AnalysIR you can create some interesting projects using the shield by extending the supplied firmware. For example:

  • Networked remote controlled from your Phone.
  • Control devices remotely over the internet.
  • Logging of IR commands to cloud storage, EEPROM/SD or external Flash.
  • Control AIR Conditioners in homes and workplaces.
  • Integrate with basic and advanced home entertainment systems, including Alexa type devices.

In order the get the maximum benefit from the shield we strongly recommend picking up a copy of AnalysIR, which will save many hours in trying to understand & troubleshoot your IR signals.

WemosD1 Mini DoubleShield Base with headers
WemosD1 Mini DoubleShield Base with headers

TRx Shield vs Tx Shield
The TRx shield includes both IR send and receive capability. The Tx shield includes only send capability. In the Tx shield the receive circuit is replaced by the addition of a 3.5mm jack into which you can insert a 3.5mm IR blaster cable. This allows users to feed signals into cabinets. The Tx shield has 2 emitter circuits, one with dual IR Leds (with programmable IR power control) and the second circuit is for the blasters via the3.5mm jack. Either of these 2 emitter circuits can be enabled/disabled via on-board jumpers.

A.IR Shield ESP8266 TRx – AnalysIR bundles
Contact us directly for special pricing on bulk or bundle orders.


  1. Question: I don’t have a PayPal account?
    Answer: You can pay with Credit Card via PayPal without joining or get a friend or family member to make the contribution for you using their PayPal account.
  2. Question: What happens after I make my payment?
    Answer: You will receive an email with instructions for the A.IR Shield installation. The module will be shipped out within 1-2 working days.
  3. Question: How long does delivery take?
    Answer: Worldwide delivery usually takes from 5-10 working days after shipping, depending on location. Standard post is used which does not include tracking or insurance.
  4. Question: I have made my payment but I have received no instructions yet?
    Answer: Usually we respond pretty quickly unless we are asleep. So if you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours, just contact us using the ‘contact’ option at the top of this page. Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder and white list analysir.com.
  5. Question: I can get a Wemos or double shield or blaster cable directly?
    Answer: Great, we do not design or manufacture the Wemos D1 Mini or the double Shield or the blaster cables. They are provided here for convenience only & subject to limited availability/stock levels. Feel free to supply your own. (Note: The ESP8266/ESP32 modules may be original or clones and operate properly with our shield)
  6. Question: I am still confused?
    Answer: Not a problem, just send your questions to us using the contact option at the top of this page.

Additional information


A. A.IR Shield Only, B. Shield+Wemos D1 Mini, B32. Shield+ ESP32 D1 Mini, C. Wemos D1 Mini, C32. ESP32 D1 Mini, D. Wemos Double Shield, E1. IR Blaster cable(Single emitter), E2. IR Blaster cable(Dual emitter)


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