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Advanced Infrared learning module with Dual emitters and carrier frequency display. Pick from one of the bundles below with or without the optional serialUSB adapter.

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LearnIR Photo 300LearnIR –  is an advanced tool for ‘learning’ infrared remote control signals. The most hi-tech & feature rich solution available. LearnIR allows makers, hobbyists and professionals to record individual or sets of IR signals and store them in libraries for later use. In addition, captured signals can be replayed immediately to confirm the validity of the learned signal. It is what we believe to be the most feature rich IR learner available today. The ‘Auto-Clean’ feature means you can achieve perfect timings, automatically, for a list of supported protocols, which can be easily extended for all of your
signals & protocols. Every captured signal is immediately displayed in graphical format for real-time debugging, thus ensuring perfect signals are captured every time.

View Product Datasheet (Click here for PDF)

What is LearnIR ?

LearnIR is an innovative module for learning IR remote control signals. It features several innovations in IR remote control:

  • Innovative lossless compression engine and encoding system for IR signals
  • Unique feature for automatic cleaning of noisy signals, resulting in perfectly learned signals.
  • Runs on an Atmel ATtiny with 512 bytes of SRAM, of which only 256 are used for signals. With this small memory footprint, LearnIR can learn even the longest signals found in Air Conditioners and some of the most difficult signals that fail with other learners.
  • Unique real-time display of IR carrier frequency via on-board display.
  • Dual IR emitters with programmable output IR power.

LearnIR packs a lot more features which are covered in more details in the data sheet, user guide and the introductory product video which can be found below.

LearnIR Pinouts - RevE
LearnIR Pinouts – RevE

LearnIR is made up of 3 components:

  • The LearnIR Windows PC application.
  • The LearnIR board module.
  • A serial to USB adapter or Arduino is required to connect to the LearnIR application over USB. (Optionally available as bundle.)

LearnIR is an excellent companion device for AnalysIR and other 3rd party Infrared solutions.

Check out our special promotions for bundles of 2 & 5 LearnIR modules. (Via drop-down above)

What’s Included
A copy of LearnIR software, via download. No registration is required as the application will only work with official LearnIR devices. You need to provide your own serial to USB adapter (5V), which are readily available online or purchase the bundle with one included. Alternatively, you can use your existing Arduino or other MCU to communicate with LearnIR . There is no need for additional IR receivers or emitters as they are already included on-board.
As well as integration with its own Windows application, LearnIR can be driven by 3rd party applications and systems. Details of the serial interface syntax/protocol are available on request.
IR range can be increased further by installing a programming resistor on the PCB. This is a feature of all of our constant current IR emitter designs in the MakeIR kit series. See Product Sheet for more details!

LearnIR Video Tutorial

LearnIR _ AnalysIR bundles
We can offer discounted bundles for bulk orders. Contact us for details.


  1. Question: I don’t have a PayPal account?
    Answer: You can pay with Credit Card via PayPal without joining or get a friend or family member to make the contribution for you using their PayPal account.
  2. Question: What happens after I make my payment?
    Answer: You will receive an email with download instructions for the LearnIR installation package. The module will be shipped out within 1-2 working days.
  3. Question: How long does delivery take?
    Answer: Worldwide delivery usually takes from 5-10 working days after shipping, depending on location. Standard post is used which does not include tracking or insurance.
  4. Question: What is included?
    Answer: A copy of the LearnIR windows app, documentation and an optional serialUSB adapter (if selected).
  5. Question: I have made my payment but I have received no instructions yet?
    Answer: Usually we respond pretty quickly unless we are asleep. So if you haven’t heard back from us within 24 hours, just contact us using the ‘contact’ option at the top of this page. Dont forget to check your spam/junk folder and whitelist analysir.com.
  6. Question: I have placed my order. How long before they arrive?
    Answer: We use standard postage, so expect delivery within a 5-10 working day timeframe epending on location.
  7. Question: I am still confused?
    Answer: Not a problem, just send your questions to us using the contact option at the top of this page.

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with serialUSB adapter, without serialUSB adapter, with serialUSB & AnalysIR Maker Edition, with serialUSB & AnalysIR Pro Edition, 2 PCs with SerialUSB adapter, 5 PCs with SerialUSB Adapter


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