Infrared Component Starter Kits

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Our selection of high quality IR components arranged as kits, to help get you started quickly with your AnalysIR & IR projects.


To complement our AnalysIR project we are making this starter kit of IR components available as a single order.

We created this component kit as part of our original crowd-funding campaign to help makers get started with decoding IR remote control signals using quality IR components along with AnalysIR and an Arduino or RPi.

The kit contains IR receivers for all of the most popular carrier frequencies (36kHz, 38kHz, 40kHz and 56kHz). The included IR LED or emitter can handle low current, 100mA and even short bursts of 1 Amp for longer range or laser tag type projects. Again, all quality components. We have included some components for building your own IR emitter circuit.

We have selected only the best quality IR components from Vishay for our component kits. Our advice is to avoid the ‘so-called’ cheaper devices available on-line.

IR receivers/emitter in Infrared Component Kits:

Model Frequency Description Gain Typical Application
TSSP4038 38kHz 1 x IR receiver Fixed Gain Barrier
TSMP58000 20 -> 60kHz 1 x IR receiver Learner
TSOP34436 36kHz 1 x IR receiver AGC 4 RC5/6
TSOP34438 38kHz 1 x IR receiver AGC 4 NEC
TSOP4840 40kHz 1 x IR receiver AGC 2 SONY
TSOP2256 56kHz 1 x IR receiver AGC 2 RCA
TSAL6100 All 1 x IR emitter IR LED transmitter

AGC 2: Standard Applications
AGC 4: Very Noisy Environment

Kits do not include AnalysIR

The first 2 IR receivers listed in the kit above are somewhat unusual. The TSSP4038 is used as a light barrier but is very useful in decoding a wide range of IR signals from the same setup and can handle any length of IR signal which most receivers are designed to reject. The TSMP58000 is required if you need to measure the carrier frequency of an IR signal with tools such as AnalysIR, your oscilloscope or logic analyzer.

Select one or more kits from the following:

Item Kit A Kit B Kit C Kit D Kit E Kit F
TSSP4038  x1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
TSMP58000  x1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
TSOP34436  x1 Y Y Y Y
TSOP34438  x1 Y Y Y Y
TSOP4840  x1 Y Y
TSOP34856  x1 Y
TSAL6100  x1 Y Y Y Y Y
2N4401 TRANSISTOR, NPN, TO-92  x2  Y  Y Y Y Y Y
100R RESISTOR 100R, 0.5W, 5% CF  x4  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y
4K7 RESISTOR 0.5W 5% 4K7 CF  x4  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Kit Price $8 $10 $10 $12 $13 $15

Y = Included


  1. Select the kit you want based on the items included.
  2. For example, Kit A contains 1 x TSSP4038, 1 x TSMP58000, 2 x Transistor, 8 x Resistor,  plus shipping.
  3. Then purchase the kit or kits you want by selecting the quantity and adding it to your shopping cart. You can then complete payment using PayPal.
  4. To purchase multiple kits just continue to add the required quantity to your cart and then proceed to our secure checkout using PayPal.
  5. These component Kits do not include AnalysIR.


  1. Please feel free to order these parts directly your-self, but you may find it hard to source them in single quantities .
  2. Kit A, B or C is more than adequate for most users, with Kit F being the most popular.
  3. Standard flat rate shipping will be applied during checkout. Postage is not tracked or insured. Unfortunately we cannot provide any replacements for items mislaid in the post or delivery failures. Due to the low value, we do not expect that there would be customs charges etc. and if there are any you will have to cover this cost.
  4. These component kits are posted from Dublin, Ireland and typically take 5-10 working days to arrive after shipping, depending on worldwide destination.
  5. You can add multiple kits to your shopping cart.
  6. All kit IR components are from Vishay, who are a leading supplier of high quality components. We use them all the time for IR components.
  7. There are no Arduinos or other MCUs included in these kits as they are freely available online. Many of these IR kit components are not easily available in quantities of 1, without excessive mark-ups, high minimum orders or postage.
  8. Shipping will be to PayPal registered address. (Let us know, immediately, if you want it sent to an alternative address)
  9. You can contact us via the link at  the top of this page.

Beginners often start out by finding the cheapest IR receiver available (See our blog post). The result is often many hours or days of wasted effort chasing problems that are directly related to poor quality IR components. There are several common IR protocols in use for TV & media devices that are only possible to decode properly with quality components like the ones in this starter Kit. When it comes to Air Conditioner systems (AC) that typically have very long signals, only good quality receivers are capable of recording most of them.

The other reason for creating the kit, is that it is often difficult to acquire these components in single quantities or without excessive delivery charges. If you already use one of the major electronics distributors, you may be able to get them all directly. However, we have never been able to source these components from a single supplier.

The Infrared component starter kit can be used with all platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi (RPi), MSP430 Launchpad, Tiva, PSOC, Teensy, Chipkit, PIC, Spark Core/ Photon / Electron, Edison, Beaglebone or just about any other MCU.

Delivery is via standard post worldwide and usually takes from 5->10 working days after shipping. Standard post is untracked and without insurance. As the kit value is relatively low, it usually is less than the threshold for any customs or import taxes, which if levied are the responsibility of the buyer.

Happy Remote Controlling!


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A – Free Shipping, B – Free Shipping, C – Free Shipping, D – Free Shipping, E – Free Shipping, F – Free Shipping, A, B, C, D, E, F


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