IR LED Emitters – Vishay TSAL6200

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TSAL6200 is an infrared, 940 nm emitting diode in GaAlAs multi quantum well (MQW) technology with high radiant power and high speed molded in a blue-gray plastic package. Suitable for all IR remote control projects including Arduino, RPi, TVs, STBs, Air Conditioners, Laser Tag, proximity, light barriers etc. The TSAL6x00 family  is one of the leading  IR emitter LEDs available today.

We are offering these original TSAL6200s from Vishay in quantities of 10, 20, 50, 100 pcs. Just select the quantity required. The TSAL6x00 family is the IR LED of choice in all of our Infrared products.

Suitable for LOW & HIGH power applications. (Max Surge forward current 1.5A – see Data Sheet for details)

• Package type: leaded
• Package form: T-1¾
• Dimensions (in mm): Ø 5
• Peak wavelength: λp = 940 nm
• High reliability
• High radiant power
• High radiant intensity
• Angle of half intensity: ϕ = ± 17°
• Low forward voltage
• Suitable for high pulse current operation
• Good spectral matching with Si photodetectors

Infrared LED Emitters – Vishay TSAL6200

• Infrared remote control units with high power
• Free air transmission systems
• Infrared source for optical counters and card readers

You can find the Vishay TSAL6200 data sheet here

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