Latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR with full support for USB IR Toy and more.

Dublin, Ireland – 31st January 2014. We are happy to announce the latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR to all our backers & supporters. Since the completion of the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo we have added over 125 updates and enhancements to AnalysIR, with more to come.

AnalysIR Screenshot
AnalysIR Screenshot

A major highlight of this release is full AnalysIR support for USB IR Toy from Dangerous Prototypes (V1 & V2 hardware) for decoding and resending IR signals at all common modulation frequencies. In our opinion, AnalysIR is now the premier GUI supporting DP’s IR toy, not to mention the Arduino, RPi, MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad (beta)  and more. A selection of enhancements in this latest release, include:

  • Addition of multiple IR sources such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi via LAN & Wi-Fi, USB IR Toy and the TI MSP430 F5529(beta).
  • Arduino models supported include: Duemilnova, UNO, Leonardo, DUE, Yún, Micro and just about any variant running at 16MHz or more, with a serial USB connection. Support for Yún via LAN/Wi-Fi is comming soon and is already supported via a serial connection.
  • Support for resending IR signals using the USB IR Toy, with frequency selection. Users can now chose to resend the signal at any common modulation frequency (IR Toy only – 30, 33, 36, 38, 40, 56, 455 kHz).
  • AnalysIR can now import IR signals in over 10 formats from IRremote, IRLib, Global Caché, CommandFusion, Saleae Logic CSV & USB IR Toy BIN, including auto-detection of the format.
  • Support is also included for exporting signals in most of these formats.
  • Expanded the list of over 25 supported protocols for decoding, including: NEC, RC6, RC5, SKY RC6, Microsoft RC6, Pioneer, Sony, Sanyo, JVC, Panasonic, Dish, Sharp, XSAT, Konka, Recs80, RCA, Denon, Daewoo, Samsung, Japanese Code, LG AC (28 bit), Daikin AC (64 bit), Sharp AC (104 bit), Hitachi AC (264 bit) and an old 3 channel Helicopter protocol, plus numerous variants of the above.
  • Introduced a new generic decoding algorithm which allows our team to rapidly support new IR protocols as they arise.
  • We have also included support for ‘intra-version’ upgrades for custom IR protocols. This is proving very useful for the numerous AC protocols being proposed by users. This means that we can now add unlimited IR protocols between releases, with up to 10 new ones installed at any time.
  • A new ‘Power tools’ menu provides support for batch decoding of signals and resending of IR signals.
  • Our Batch export feature allows users to automatically generate ‘C’ code for IRremote or IRLib on Arduino. So user can now record their signals and quickly generate the code for uploading their sketch to the Arduino.
    – Added support for decoding very long AC signals with hundreds of bits, up from the previous support for 64 bits.
  • IR modulation frequency is now displayed when decoding signals from the Arduino & USB IR Toy sources. In addition, we proved a utility for the RPi to display the modulation frequency for any signal.

All things being equal, we expect the next release of AnalysIR will be the full 1.0 version. All backers & supporters pre-v1.0 will continue to enjoy access to the full feature set. However, from 1.0 we expect to introduce a new pricing mechanism, which will see the introduction of several options for access to features in-line with a tiered pricing structure.

Get your copy of AnalysIR at the special low pricing for backers & supporters (available for a limited time only), by making a contribution via PayPal now.

Note: Measuring Modulation frequency is not available as an option on USB IR Toy V1 hardware.

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