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Latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR with full support for USB IR Toy and more.

Dublin, Ireland – 31st January 2014. We are happy to announce the latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR to all our backers & supporters. Since the completion of the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo we have added over 125 updates and enhancements to AnalysIR, with more to come.

AnalysIR Screenshot
AnalysIR Screenshot

A major highlight of this release is full AnalysIR support for USB IR Toy from Dangerous Prototypes (V1 & V2 hardware) for decoding and resending IR signals at all common modulation frequencies. In our opinion, AnalysIR is now the premier GUI supporting DP’s IR toy, not to mention the Arduino, RPi, MSP430 F5529 LaunchPad (beta)  and more. A selection of enhancements in this latest release, include: Continue reading Latest ‘New Year’ release of AnalysIR with full support for USB IR Toy and more.

Update: New IR component kit perks & 80+ backers

Today we have added a new perk of IR starter kits and retired some of the other perks.

The kits are provided as a quick starter aid for backers who dont have IR receivers to hand. Please note that a learner IR receiver is required to measure the modulation frequency and at least one IR receiver is required otherwise (=Kit A).

Of course you can still use the powerful import/export feature without any Arduino or IR receiver connected.

Please feel free to purchase your own components directly. Otherwise we have a student ready to do all the leg work for a small bribe (oops I meant Tip).

On the technical side of things – we have greatly improved the performance, design & implementation of the Arduino based code along with some User Interface improvements, over the last few days .

Finally, a big welcome to our latest backers and thanks again to all our 80+ backers.

Screenshot: Import feature & Global Support for AnalysIR

Another quick update to let you know that we have also included Pronto code import, as a bonus feature today, in addition to the other 2 formats in the post earlier today.

As we were testing the pronto code import, we came across another protocol from Pioneer based on the NEC protocol, but with different timings. So we also included support for this Pioneer protocol into AnalysIR.  This import facilty is really superb, only sorry we didnt do it earlier 🙂

A screenshot is included below and in full resolution under the Gallery tab (click on image).

Screenshot of AnalysIR Import feature

A big Welcome and Thanks to our latest backers. We now have over 50 supporters from at least 11 countries spread across the continents of North & South America, Australia and Europe as follows:

United Kingdom
United States

Apologies, if we missed anyone.

Celebrating 50th backer with new ‘Import’ feature


We are delighted to welcome our 50th backer and to celebrate we are going to spend some time today adding a new feature – going to try importing from one other system to get us started and hopefully add more in future.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make referrals, it is having a real impact on our ranking on Indiegogo.