Crowdfunding Campaign Update – 23rd Oct 2013

Hello Backers,

We have been busy over the last few weeks updating AnalysIR, for you. We hope to make the next release at the end of this month around Halloween.

You may not know that Halloween originated in our part of the world, but we promise not to introduce too many scary features this time 🙂 .

Our next release will include a number of Updates & fixes as follows:

  • The ‘signature’ system has been upgraded which solves problems that a small number of users experienced. Unfortunately, once you update the software you must request a new KEY. (Sorry about that). You can of course continue to use your existing version without problem and without the updates.
  • We finally managed to get AnalysIR working on MAC OSX using the ‘VirtualBox’ virtual machine. Hopefully, this will result in success on other VMs.
  • When batch-exporting signals in IRremote format, we now provide include the generated code for RAW format signals.
  • We have also included support to import infrared signals in Saleae Logic CSV format. We have verified that the timings of the same signal using our Arduino code and Saleae logic are within acceptable limits – typically within +/- 4 microseconds and on occasion a little bit more. As this is to be expected given the actual (ppm) accuracy of MCU crystal/resonator clocks, we are happy that AnalysIR and Saleae Logic are equivalent for measuring the IR signal timings. (Note the microsecond timer on Arduino(s) is actually +/- 4 microseconds by design). At present we are not aware of any IR decoding add-on/plug-in for Saleae Logic, other than this import facility of AnalysIR.
  • The main update for this release is the introduction of a new generic decoding feature, which allows us to describe an IR signal using a simple syntax and to quickly add a new signal to AnalysIR. So it now takes minutes for us to add a new IR protocol to AnalysIR vs hours(+++) before. In this release we have added support for a few protocols which use this feature – DENON, DAEWOO, SAMSUNG (Alternative Name TOSHIBA). Hopefully we can add some more over the next few months. This feature (which is classed as experimental for now) does not currently support automatically decoding bi-phase signals such as RC5 & RC6 but works very well with most other signals.
  • We have also made other minor updates and fixed which will be detailed in the release notes.

A special thanks goes to those backers who helped in identifying some of the issues and verified that the fixes worked.

That’s all for now – we will email everyone once the new release is ready for download.

The AnalysIR Team


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