SKY+ IR remote codes

We are working on a project to create a custom TV remote to control a SKY+ satellite box, for a friend who cannot manage the standard remote control or even the accessibility ones that are available.

SKY+ Remote Control

As this is an older model STB from SKY we found it difficult to locate a test system or even the actual codes for the various functions (Out friend is living abroad). In the end we purchased a replacement remote control on eBay and acquired the IR signals using AnalysIR. They turned out to exactly what we expected – mainly 24 bit RC6 codes with a few RC5 mixed in.

We will write more about the actual project once it is completed and for now we will attach the AnalysIR session history file which contains all of the IR codes. Users who have AnalysIR can import this file and export in most of the comment formats available.

For IR codes download this file:> SkyPlusRemoteCodeSet History

(If you don’t have a copy of AnalysIR, you will still be able to get the IR codes from the above file)

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