Preview: DetectIR, advanced infrared receiver

The fourth member of our MakeIR series of devices & kits will be DetectIR. This infrared receiver module can be configured for Visual IR signal detection, Serial over IR or as an Infrared receiver which can handle even the longest Air conditioner signals. DetectIR is built with only the highest quality IR components available.

DetectIR block diagram
DetectIR block diagram

We have provided a link below to the preliminary product data sheet and would welcome feedback on additional, nice to have or missing features, if any. Please read the datasheet for a more detailed description of DetectIR.

Click Here for Preliminary Product Sheet – DetectIR (PDF)

As a bonus to visitors of our blog who register an interest in DetectIR, we will provide an attractive ‘early-bird’ discount to everyone who sends us a message via the contact form at the top of this page, saying “Interested in DetectIR” or something similar. We will then contact you in advance of the official launch to advise you how to claim your discount.

We expect make an official announcement in Q4 2014 for the complete MakeIR series of kits and devices.

A MakeIR Kit

LearnIR, SendIR, RepeatIR and DetectIR are part of the MakeIR series which comprises a range of innovative infrared remote control kits and devices for makers, hobbyists and professionals.

AnalysIR is an advanced analyser & decoder designed by AnalysIR which offers tight integration with LearnIR for advanced users.