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Preview: DetectIR, advanced infrared receiver

The fourth member of our MakeIR series of devices & kits will be DetectIR. This infrared receiver module can be configured for Visual IR signal detection, Serial over IR or as an Infrared receiver which can handle even the longest Air conditioner signals. DetectIR is built with only the highest quality IR components available.

DetectIR block diagram
DetectIR block diagram

We have provided a link below to the preliminary product data sheet and would welcome feedback on additional, nice to have or missing features, if any. Please read the datasheet for a more detailed description of DetectIR. Continue reading Preview: DetectIR, advanced infrared receiver

Poor maker’s Infrared receiver #2

Our recent post about the silver bullet IR receiver proved very popular and we promised that we would follow-up with another variant of the poor maker’s Infrared receiver. This time we are using an IR Led (emitter), 2 resistors and any standard Arduino. You will also need to download the Arduino code provided below, compile and upload it. One of the most common problems encountered when trying to decode IR signals is that makers don’t always have the appropriate IR receiver for the job in hand or have to wait for one to be delivered by mail. Here we present an affordable method to allow you to use any IR emitter (LED) as a receiver and as a bonus we are publishing the Arduino code to make it all work.

Circuit Diagram: Poor maker's IR Receiver
Circuit Diagram: Poor maker’s IR Receiver

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