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Campaign Update: AnalysIR, one year on

One year on from the initial release of AnalysIR, we have provided a copy below of our recent update for the original crowfunding campaign for AnalysIR.

AnalysIR Screenshot
AnalysIR Screenshot

This just serves as a local copy of the original update which can also be found on the Campaign Activity page. Continue reading Campaign Update: AnalysIR, one year on

Campaign completes successfully at 208% of Target & 150 Backers

Wow, what a couple of months this has been with over 1,300 emails received, new partners, over 4,168 referrals to the campaign, 208% funded, several world firsts with IR on Arduino & Raspberry Pi and most importantly backed by 150 people from 32 Countries across the globe. Not to mention some great bonus features added to AnalysIR along the way, some of which have been inspired by our backers.

Our tasks for the next week include, progress on the following:

– Documentation
– Installation Package for download
– Some bug fixing
– Online bug tracker
– Online discussion board
– Web site
– Select & Issue email Invitations to 1st phase roll-out participants
– Ship remaining kits.

I would like to finish up this update by welcoming our latest backers and thanking all our backers for your support.

The AnalysIR Team

Infrared Component Kits

We have decided to offer a small number of Infrared Component Kits to help users of AnalysIR get started quickly. As a minimum you will require 1 IR receiver to use AnalysIR, plus we highly recommend the ‘IR Learner’ below if you also want to measure modulation frequency.

(Note: This is an updated copy of the original document from the crowd-funding campaign. The original document can be found here.)

IR receivers/emitter in Infrared Component Kits:

ModelFrequencyDescriptionGainTypical Application
TSSP403838kHz1 x IR receiverFixed GainBarrier + AnalysIR
TSMP5800020 -> 60kHz1 x IR receiverLearner + AnalysIR
TSOP443636kHz1 x IR receiverAGC 4RC5/6
TSOP3443838kHz1 x IR receiverAGC 4NEC
TSOP484040kHz1 x IR receiverAGC 2SONY
TSOP225656kHz1 x IR receiverAGC 2RCA
TSAL6100All1 x IR emitterIR LED transmitter

AGC 2: Standard Applications
AGC 4: Very Noisy Environment

Kits do not include AnalysIR

Select one or more kits from the following:

ItemKit AKit BKit CKit DKit EKit F
Bonus Giftsee 11
Shippingsee 9
Student TipYYYYYY
Perk Price$8$10$10$12$13$15

 Y = Included


  1. Select the kit you want based on the items included
  2. For example, Kit A contains 1 x TSSP4038, 1 x TSMP58000, plus shipping (see 9 below) and a small tip/gratuity for the student.
  3. Then purchase the kit or kits you want by contributing the relevant cost (or sum for multiple kits)
  4. To purchase Kit A just make  an $8 payment  via the PayPal button on this page. To purchase multiple kits just make one contribution to the same perk for the total amount.
  5. If you select Kit B or Kit C then include  a message on PayPal to clarify which perk you want.
  6. These component Kits do not include AnalysIR.
  7. Cost increased (Sep 2014) due to increase in postage.
  8. TSOP4438 replaced with more modern TSOP34438.
  9. Shipping: is included in price above, provided you are also buying AnalysIR or have bought AnalysIR previously. Otherwise, add $5 to the prices above (once only) for worldwide shipping.
  10. Delivery, usually takes from 5->10 working days. There may be some exceptions to this – depending on location.
  11. Bonus gift: We also include a selection of useful components, with all kits, to help with your IR projects. (2 x NPN + 8 x resistors … enough to complete a good Infrared emitter circuit for longer range)


  1. Please feel free to order these parts directly your-self. We won’t be offended in any way. We are not offering these to make any $$$ at all. In fact it is much less work for us if backers have or supply their own components.
  2. Kit A, B or C is more than adequate for most users.
  3. Standard shipping worldwide for owners of AnalysIR is included, Otherwise add an extra $5, as per Instruction 9 above.  Postage is not tracked or insured. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any replacements for items mislaid in the post or delivery failures. Due to the low value, we do not expect that there would be customs charges etc.  and if there are any you will have to cover this cost.
  4. We have included a small tip/gratuity for the student who has agreed to pack & post these perks.
  5. This perk is intended as a quick start aid for backers.
  6. These perks will be posted from Dublin, Ireland and typically take 5-10 working days depending on worldwide destination.
  7. You can select multiple kits.
  8. All kit IR components are from Vishay, who are a leading supplier of high quality components. We use them all the time for IR components.
  9. We have allowed for the Sales Tax, IGG, PayPal, Currency & inward shipping charges which will be levied on us for these components.
  10. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to alter or replace any component if it is not available when we order them. However, we will do our best to match functionality as much as is reasonable. Hopefully this won’t be an issue.
  11. We have not included any Arduinos as they are freely available online. Many of these kit components are not easily available in quantities of 1, without excessive mark-ups, high minimum orders or postage.
  12. Shipping will be to PayPal registered address. (Let us know, immediately, if you want it sent to an alternative address)
  13. Use the Contact Form to contact us, directly.