AnalysIR Video Tutorial – Reverse Engineering Tool

We have just launched a short 11 minute AnalysIR video tutorial  introducing the use of the Reverse Engineering Tool feature in AnalysIR, which is available via YouTube. The tutorial covers the important points in reverse engineering in infrared signal of a Toshiba Air  Conditioner. We focus in on the temperature field and show the process to identify the bits within the signal related to the temperature. Users of AnalysIR can follow this process to reverse engineer their own signals using this powerful tool.

Some of the important tips are:

  • Record your signals in a logical manner, which makes the reverse engineering simpler.
  • For temperature record the signal from 16 degC to 32 degC
  • Annotate each signal with its function e.g. 20 degC
  • Work on one only function at a time
  • Try the different bit orders (MSB, LSB8 or LSB) id the bit patterns don’t make sense. LSB8 is the most common bit order for AC signals.
  • Typically, the checksum field will change for every signal.
  • You can copy all of the data to the clipboard for further processing in a spreadsheet or or other application, if necessary.

After viewing the tutorial, you should be well positioned to reverse engineer  AC signals in super fast time using AnalysIR.

AnalysIR Video Tutorial – Reverse  Engineering Tool

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