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Screenshot: Import feature & Global Support for AnalysIR

Another quick update to let you know that we have also included Pronto code import, as a bonus feature today, in addition to the other 2 formats in the post earlier today.

As we were testing the pronto code import, we came across another protocol from Pioneer based on the NEC protocol, but with different timings. So we also included support for this Pioneer protocol into AnalysIR.  This import facilty is really superb, only sorry we didnt do it earlier 🙂

A screenshot is included below and in full resolution under the Gallery tab (click on image).

Screenshot of AnalysIR Import feature

A big Welcome and Thanks to our latest backers. We now have over 50 supporters from at least 11 countries spread across the continents of North & South America, Australia and Europe as follows:

United Kingdom
United States

Apologies, if we missed anyone.

Maker Faire – Timelapse & RFE deadline

Created on the Timelapseberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi-based timelapse camera (AnalysIR is on the right)

PS: As I was typing this timelapse sequence of Maker Faire last week just arrived, which shows the AnalysIR stand on the right. (looks like it can only appear at the top of an update)


Great News!

Yesterday we successfully managed to import from the RAW/DUMP output of the 2 main Arduino IR libraries (IRremote & IRLib). To use it’s very simple, just copy and paste all of the text output and paste into AnalysIR. Simple! You then get a graphical display of the signal and the option to save it to disk as part of the session History. We will continue to test over the coming weeks and maybe even add another import source. Suggestions Welcome!.

You may ask – why is this feature useful when AnalysIR can just record and decode and save the signal directly. Well there happens to be a huge resource across the Internet of pre-recorded signals from all sorts of tools & devices, and it may be beneficial to import them into one place for comparison or troubleshooting. Another use would be to help others who are looking for help on support Forum(s) etc. Once the signal is imported into AnalysIR, you can then export an image of the signal trace (or plot) which could also have advantages in education.

Now that the end date is on the Horizon, we are finalising our release plans. So if there are any feature requests, from backers we would like to hear about them in the next 3-5 days at the latest, so that we can include them in the initial release(if feasible).