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Announcement: AnalysIR – full roll-out

Hi All

Just a ‘heads up’ to let all backers know that we plan to issue the next release of AnalysIR to everyone within the next 12 hours, as originally planned.

During the last 4 weeks we have received both valuable & contructive feedback, resulting in over 100 Updates or fixes and which also include a selection of new bonus features. As with all new Software, we expect to have more issues reported and we will continue to issue new releases with fixes and additional features monthly or weekly until then end of 2013, as required.

We are very excited about AnalysIR and thanks to the great feedback & suggestions received so far, it is now a much more feature-rich and comprehensive tool than we ever imagined when we embarked on this campaign. We would encourage you all to continue suggesting enhancements and reporting any issues or usability improvements over the coming months.

Download & installation instructions will be contained in the email to be issued later directly to backers. This will be an 0.9.x release and we hope to upgrade this to a 1.0 release before the end of the year.

Thanks again for all your support!