AnalysIR issues

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AnalysIR issues

Post by PieroSpeciale »

Hello everyone,

Today, after several days of non-use, I clicked on the program icon to open it, but nothing happens !!

Of course I have the software license.

I would not like there had been some update of the OS that now does not allow the opening of the program.

I have Windows 10.

How can I fix it?

Thank you for the help


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Re: AnalysIR issues

Post by AnalysIR »

H Piero.

One thng to check: ther can only be one copy of AnalysIr running at the same time. Pleas echeck task manager to verify.

I will also email you the latest 'dev' version to try.

Some OS & hardware upgrades can alter the Signature/Key, but in your case it sounds liek something is corrupted.

So lets review again after you update to the latest 'dev' version.

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